The Benefits of a CPO BMW from BMW of Sarasota

Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

Only the Best of the Best

The BMW Certified Program transforms the car buying process by removing all those variables that make buying a used car risky. With a Certified Pre-Owned (or CPO) BMW inspected through the BMW Certified Program, you get a vehicle of the highest BMW quality at a reduced price. Only the best vehicles pass the Certified Program, so you know you’re getting a vehicle you can count on, in addition to the added benefits you get from the Certified Program.

Looking for a BMW Certified vehicle? Visit BMW of Sarasota today, the premier BMW CPO dealership in Sarasota, to view our large selection of Certified Pre-Owned BMWs, from the blazing-fast and compact 3 Series to the high-end luxury 7 Series.

What’s the Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used?

For twenty-four years, the BMW Certified Program has delivered the iconic BMW experience to nearly two million drivers around the world. But why would you want to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned BMW vs. a typical used car? What is the difference?

Every Certified BMW undergoes a rigorous selection process that ensures that every Certified Pre-Owned BMW is of the highest quality. From the very beginning, to be eligible to enter the BMW Certified Program, the vehicle must have between 300 and 60,000 miles, never exceeding that. In addition, every vehicle undergoes a CARFAX or AutoCheck® report to ensure that the vehicle has 100% genuine BMW parts and up-to-date maintenance.

Once the vehicle has been selected, it undergoes a 360-degree vehicle inspection where it’s tested for safety, performance, and wear. Once it has been inspected, the vehicle gets reconditioned based on its needs and approved by a qualified technician.

Next is the road test. Once the vehicle has passed inspection, it undergoes a comprehensive road test using BMW diagnostic equipment to ensure that it performs as a BMW should. Lastly, once the vehicle has passed the final test, it is backed by BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty, which provides comprehensive coverage for one full year and unlimited miles.

With a used car, you don’t know what you’re getting. Sure, you can run a CARFAX, but that doesn’t tell you everything. With a Certified BMW, you know exactly what you’re getting: a 100% genuine, premium-quality BMW.

Front view of a white BMW SAV driving through the city at night.

The Advantages of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned BMW

So, why buy a BMW CPO? We’ve covered some of the benefits of getting a Certified BMW so far, but you get several additional advantages in addition to purchasing a quality BMW vehicle backed by a one-year unlimited mile warranty.

Every Certified Pre-Owned BMW purchase also comes with 24-hour roadside assistance. The roadside assistance program includes everything from battery jump-starts to tire changes and even fuel delivery.

In addition, any time you need to take your Certified BMW in for service, you’ll receive a complimentary service loaner vehicle. And you can add protection by extending your BMW Certified Protection Plan with Extended Vehicle Protection. All repairs are performed at a BMW facility, so you know you’re getting the best service for your vehicle.

Also available in recent models, the BMW Assist Safety Plan comes with features such as emergency service assistance and collision detection notification. With the push of a button, you can connect with a BMW response specialist using BMW Assist eCall.

BMW of Sarasota: Your Premier CPO BMW Dealership

Now that you know the advantages of purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned BMW over a used car, where do you go to get a quality CPO BMW?

At BMW of Sarasota, we have a huge selection of Certified Pre-Owned BMWs, including everything from the sporty BMW 3 Series to the refined and spacious BMW 7 Series. If you need a bit more space, then view our selection of BMW SAV models, from the X1 to the X6. We even have a selection of BMW M Series if you’re looking for the ultimate in performance.

No matter what flavor of BMW driving luxury you’re looking for, at BMW of Sarasota, we have a Certified Pre-Owned BMW for you. If you’re on the hunt for a Certified Pre-Owned BMW, visit our website to see what we have to offer.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us online or give us a call—we receive new Certified inventory regularly and we’ll help you find what you’re searching for.

Visit BMW of Sarasota for Your Certified Pre-Owned BMW Needs

Whether you’re looking for the perfect balance of performance, luxury, and everyday flexibility in the BMW 4 Series or the spacious BMW X1, there is a new, Certified Pre-Owned, or used BMW for you. The difference between a Certified Pre-Owned BMW and a typical used car is clear. If you want the full BMW experience at an affordable price, the BMW Certified Pre-Owned program is for you.

Step into BMW of Sarasota today to see our wide selection of Certified Pre-Owned BMWs first-hand and test drive your next vehicle. Our helpful sales staff is on-hand and ready to help you find the perfect Certified Pre-Owned BMW for you.

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