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Anyone who wants to save money when buying a car should opt for a pre-owned car. Although New Vehicles are elegant with advanced safety and comfort features, the pre-owned cars at our dealership in Sarasota are just as great. When you choose to buy a pre-owned car, you will get top quality cars at very affordable prices. Why shouldn’t you buy pre-owned cars privately? Why is it necessary to buy a pre-owned car from BMW of Sarasota? Well, our pre-owned car dealership in Sarasota brings forth lots of benefits to customers and reduces the risk of purchasing a low-quality car.

Benefits of Buying From a Dealer

Buying from a dealer can save you a lot of money since most of the expenses have already been cleared. Examples of such costs include GST fees and re-inspection fees. A private pre-owned car seller will need you to cater to these expenses, thereby inflating the price of the car. At BMW of Sarasota, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

For example, if you are planning on buying a spacious SUV at our pre-owned car dealership in Sarasota, you have the option of selecting between many different brands, including Certified Pre-Owned BMW Vehicles. Buying from a private seller means you would have limited options.

Safety Inspection and Verification

Dealers are required by law to make sure all vehicles are thoroughly inspected for safety. If you happen to buy a vehicle from a private seller, these privileges are not present which means you are at risk of buying a problematic car. Our pre-owned car dealership in Sarasota offers top quality cars that have undergone mechanical safety verification. After all, the safety of you and your loved ones is paramount.

Finance related situation available at our BMW dealership in Sarasota, FL

Liability Inspection and Approval

A liability inspection is done to find out if the car was fully financed and purchased by the previous owner. If you buy privately, you could end up buying a car that still has an uncleared loan. Dealers are restricted by law to keep vehicles that have not been paid for in full. Documents are also available to showcase all car’s accident and problem history. You, therefore, know the kind of car you are buying and how you are going to maintain it.

You Can Trade-In Your Vehicle

Private sellers have no option of Trade-Ins. No matter how old or worn out your current car is, pre-owned car dealers in Sarasota can always offer you something significant to boost your purchase capability. Our car dealership in Sarasota can individualize purchase plans, from pre-owned to BMW certified pre-owned vehicles. At BMW of Sarasota, we have the inventory and finance tools available to help you get into your next car hassle-free.

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Purchasing a quality pre-owned car from BMW of Sarasota rather than a private seller is safer and reliable. There are even car pre-owned program incentives which could include benefits like warranty extension, reduced interest rates, and roadside assistance. There is added convenience when buying a car from our Sarasota car dealership since we can work with BMW financing to help you get the auto loan you need.

If you’re ready to get started or would like to schedule a test drive in Sarasota, FL, please feel free to contact our pre-owned car experts online or over the phone. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our BMW Sarasota pre-owned cars. Visit us today!

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