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Languages:  English

Pete Mishos was born in Hamilton, Ohio.  He comes from a Greek family background as his last name vividly reflects.  He went to Findlay College where he was an essential player for his football and wrestling team and received a degree in Education.
Pete began his professional career in banking whereby in those 13 years he held a position as Vice-President. He's been a resident of Sarasota for over 30 years and proudly calls Sarasota his home.  He loves living in a city that brings a true sense of connection.

Most prized possession:  "I think it would have to be being able to work in an environment such as the one here at BMW of Sarasota.  The energy is unlike anything I've ever experienced in a work environment.  When you work alongside the people I work with on a daily basis that is undoubtedly a prized possession".

Accomplishments:  "One of the things that is the closest to my heart pertaining to my accomplishments was when I had the opportunity to raise money for the Jimmy V foundation.  The story behind this is so dear and personal to me.  As challenging as it was to raise funds for the cause it was undoubtedly one of the most valuable times of my life".

Dreams:  "I choose to make each day as competitive as I can make it for myself.  That internal drive within me keeps me focused and accountable".

Pete, I know you work hard, but why? : "It's fun to work hard.  You keep yourself busy not just working for you but helping the younger generation as well by giving them the guidance and insight they crave even though they might not always admit to it". 

What's authentic about you?  "Well, I don't sugar coat things.  I always tell people not to ask me a question that they feel they don't want the truth being told to them about.  I feel to be honest is vital in all that we do.  Having those solid relationships is key".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "The leadership is definitely exceptional.  The best I have ever experienced or will ever experience!  I can say that with certainty.  Emilio Torres is the most motivational guy I've ever met.  I ended up retiring for a year thinking it was time and I needed a break.  After that year, I came right back! I had to.  What is found here is beyond anything I've ever encountered.  It's priceless and I'm honored to be a part of it".
Languages:  English

Timothy Chestnut was born in Savannah, Georgia.  His father served in the military and at the age of six his parents relocated to Sarasota, Florida.  His family background is encompassed by a strong advocacy for the sports arena primarily in football.  He was part of his college athletic programs which included Graceland University and Savannah State.  
Timothy began his profession in the automotive industry 9 years ago.  He vividly remembers the month and year as April of 2014 when he began the journey as a valet serviceman and then getting promoted to product genius consultant before his current and prominent role as a client advisor here at BMW of Sarasota.

Most prized possession:  "My cars, of course!" he states without hesitation nice and loud.  "I have to also add I love my living quarters.  I take great pride in these valuable possessions because I worked very hard to attain them".

Accomplishments:  "One of the greatest of my accomplishments has been my desire to engulf my mind with acquiring the most knowledge a person could ever have pertaining to the brand I work for.  I am very big on making sure I keep myself at top notch with the latest information on technology, product manufacturing, new product development, and service initiatives".  

Dreams:  "My dream would be to be a music producer and sports analyst".

Timothy, why do you work so hard? "I work hard in order to better my future.  I want to take of my siblings especially since my mom passed.  

What's authentic about you? "I played college football on a scholarship and coming from a family of true die hard football enthusiasts I can say that the authenticity in the sport surely carries on! I'm the youngest of 3.  Yes, the baby of the family so to speak.  But most importantly, I am very helpful.  I enjoy being there for others.  Anyone that may come to me for help, I'm there.  I'm just that guy, I guess". 

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "The clientele, most definitely.  They are very friendly people.  If you treat them right they will really appreciate your hard work and will commit to you without hesitation".

Languages:  English

Nicholas Hefti was born in Roanoke, Virginia.  As a young child his family moved to the Sarasota surrounding areas.  Nick has one sibling.  Like his father, Nick has an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps him driven to one day own his own business.  He received his high school diploma from Suncoast Poly Tech and continued his studies at Suncoast Poly Tech College where he studied film and photography.
Nicholas began his professional career at BMW of Sarasota a year and a half ago.  He started working as a valet serviceman, then quickly got promoted to the product genius department, and now serves as a client advisor all within the timespan of a year.

Most prized possession:  "Is self-sufficiency and accountability".

Accomplishments:   "I feel that one of the greatest of accomplishments that I can surely say has been pivotal to me has been the ability to be very successful without having a college degree".

Dreams:  "My dreams are the norm, I guess.  To someday make a steady seven figure income, build my first home, and be able to afford my brand new car which is in the works for delivery real soon.  It's a special order M3 model".

Nicholas, why do you work so hard? : "To prove to my parents that I can do it on my own and of course to make a lot of money.  Without sacrifice, it's impossible to achieve what you want.  I'm willing to hold myself accountable to that and that's why I work as hard as I do".

What's authentic about you? :  "Being dedicated, hard-working, and very tough on myself keeps me in check.  I think that's a great quality to have".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I like what this place offers for those who desire to reap sustainable benefits.  You work hard but you see the results of your efforts.  If you put in the time that's needed you get a chance to experience what the American dream is really about.  This place allows you to be the best you can be.  They provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.  It's up to the individual to make it happen.  I'm that individual that makes it happen; every day"!
Phone: (941) 323-1863
Languages:  Arabic, English

Talal Abdel was born in Port Charlotte and is a native of Sarasota.  He graduated from Sarasota High School.  His family are from Nablus Palestine.
Before being a part of the BMW of Sarasota legacy he worked with neighboring dealerships in their service and tech departments.  Here in this place is where his career took off as a client advisor.  He considers his current position to be the compass that will continue to direct his paths towards a lucrative and successful profession.

Most prized possession:  "I love my car.  It's beautiful.  It's a BMW M3.  I worked very hard for it and having it as mine is truly a blessing".

Accomplishments:  "I think I can say I feel very happy to be able to see myself as successful as I am without a college degree.  I've been able to buy my first car and I have no financial debt.  That's liberating to know and a true accomplishment at best".

Dreams:  "I'd love to be able to continue to work hard and acquire a management position someday.  Making sure my parents are financially taken care of is also not just a dream but pivotal in my life.  Their well-being is very important to me.  The dreams I have I believe are realistic.  With hard work and good health anything can be attained if you believe you can reach them".

Talal, why is working hard so important to you? "I enjoy what I do and I love to make money.  I see no cap to what I can make.  There are no limits.  Not even the sky limits the lucrative potential one is able to attain if they simply put their minds to it and don't give up".

What's authentic about you? :  "I am a very oriented and detailed person.  I think about the choices I make daily with an enormous amount of caution.  But I have to say I also take risks.  Healthy risks are what I call them because without taking risks I wouldn't excel in anything.  Dissecting what is important in your life is crucial because those choices will determine the outcome for your life".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I love the freedom I have to capitalize on how much I desire to secure financially.  I have the freedom to choose whether I work, or I work hard.  That's freedom to me.  The ability to know that what I make and the lifestyle I have is solely up to me is what I love most about this place".
Languages:  Spanish, English

Jonatan Escobar, born in Argentina, came to the U.S. at 11 years old.
Jonatan started his  journey in the automotive industry as a valet serviceman and then becoming an intricate part of the BMW Genius program for 2 years.  He then began his career as a client advisor in 2017.

Most prized possession: Is undoubtedly, his family.  "I know where I come from" says Jonatan.  "I know the struggles my parents went through in order for me to have what I have today.  I want to do the same for my family".

Accomplishments:  "Having the opportunity to have been able to purchase two homes has been one of the greatest of accomplishments I can think of", shares Jonatan.  "And who can miss also sharing that spending quality time with my family is precious to me".

Dreams:  "I'd love to be able to explore and travel the world with my family someday.  But for now, my desire is to gain a leadership role here at BMW of Sarasota enabling me to be able to pay the blessings in my life forward." 

Jonatan, why do you work so hard? :  "I work hard because I believe in the leadership that exists here with Mr. Young, Mr. Picone, and Mr. Torres.  I feel as if I work every day with my second family.  If you think about it, I spend more time here than I do at home.  So it's definitely a sign that I'm here for these long days because I believe in the place and the people I work for."

What's authentic about you? :  "Everyone knows how much I love soccer.  I think I can say I'm authentic in the fact that I own over a hundred soccer jerseys!"  It's the sport I am passionate about.  I guess you can say everyone here knows I am truly bona fide in the sport!"

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Making the long-term friendships I've made throughout the years with my clients."

Languages:  Creole, French, English

Ash Alce was born and raised in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  At age 17 he migrated along with his family to the U.S. where he continued his education and graduated from Sarasota High School.
Before his prominent role as a client advisor for BMW of Sarasota Ash worked for several fast food franchises like McDonalds and Chipotle. One day while on his shift a car sales executive pulls up in a Lamborghini while ordering through the drive-thru window where Ash was working. Captivated by the luxurious car and demeanor of the man's presence he couldn't sustain himself from asking what he did for a living.  The man smiled and told him he was in the automotive industry.  Seconds later, Ash took a leap of faith and asked the man for his card sharing he would want to do what he did.  Shortly thereafter, Ash began his career as what he shares is his dream job.

Most prized possession:  "Without a doubt, my parents.  They are the most loving and hardworking two people I know".

Accomplishments:  "The greatest accomplishment I've made thus far has been the decision my parents and I made when we came to this country.   Coming from a country like Haiti where there is so much lack of resources, leaving everything behind which was not much, and realizing now all that I have and where I am today financially is surreal".

Dreams:  "My dreams are like anyone else's I would assume.  To be able to own my first home, travel the world exploring new places and adventures and having my own family one day would certainly complete my life".

Ash, you work hard and it shows.  But, why?  :  "I can't afford not to work hard.  I don't ever want to regress to where I was in my past so I will continue to push forward never looking back aiming towards excellence every step of the way".

What's authentic about you?  "I believe I have a great personality.  I get along with all personality types and I think that's a plus in a business like this one whereby you meet so many different people from so many different walks of life.  I love serving people and seeing their dreams becoming a reality".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "The clientele we serve is what I love most.  They are so loyal to not just the brand but to those who serve them.  I consider a BMW to be a magnet that doesn't require much to receive the admiration it solely deserves.  The car sells itself.  Working here allows me to be the vehicle so to speak that connects the prize to the purchaser".
Languages:  Spanish, French, Arabic, English

Hassan El Hakim was born in Lebanon.  At the age of 14, he migrated to the U.S.  In 2004, he moved to Sarasota where he graduated from Riverview High School.  He later received his A.A. from the State College of Florida.  He is currently aiming towards receiving his bachelor's in business.
Hassan began his professional life working as a manager for a dermatologist office.  In 2017, he decided to venture into the automotive industry working for Toyota but by 2021 he chose to take a breather and travel the world for a year.  In February of 2022, his desire to return to the field he loved persevered and that's when he began working for BMW of Sarasota.  

Most prized possession:  It's his will to maintain a healthy and lucrative lifestyle.  "I love the gym and staying fit" he says.  "Feeling and looking the best I can is primal to me.  Not just for self but for all to see that I have high standards in place for my life and these banners of quality begin with me".   

Accomplishments:  "As a first generation American in my family learning English was the greatest accomplishment for me". 

Dreams:  "My dream is to acquire a leadership role in the automotive industry one day.  I was raised by hard-working parents who instilled their ethical principles upon me at an early age whereby laziness was not tolerable.  To attain a management role in the near future would begin to set the bar for the expectations within self that I have already placed within my mindset". 

Hassan, why do you work so hard? :  "It's what I was always taught by my parents to do.  I work very hard because I know that someday as a leader I will have to motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams.  A leadership role signifies a huge responsibility whereby I'm ready to accept.  I love knowing that those who work with you are the soldiers you need in a prosperous army.  Leading those troops is what I envision for my life someday".

What's authentic about you? :  "I think my personality stands out from the rest.  I am really a joker with friends and can easily adapt to different personalities".  

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Well, I come from a family lineage connected to the BMW infrastructure so it's easy for me to feel a warm connection with those that are in this place.  BMW of Sarasota allows me the opportunity to serve the community by the clients who stop by.  I love that!  Customers who visit us know exactly what they want.  They're polite and respectful.  It's truly an honor to see daily expectations met for them and knowing I was able to take part in that experience".

Languages:  Creole, French, English

Jonathan Goche was born in France and raised in Martinique and the outskirts of Paris.  At the age of 15, he moved to Sarasota on his own.  He graduated from Southeast High School in Bradenton and continued to further his education by receiving his A.A. from the State College of Florida in Business Administration.
Coming from a family background that pursued the airline industry since many of his family members are pilots, Jonathan's passions were more inclined towards the automotive industry.  Before joining the BMW of Sarasota family he worked for Porche doing detail work and also for the motorcycle industry.

Most prized possessions:  "Being able to come and go as I please without hesitation.  I also think that being able to learn languages and dialects quickly is most definitely something I take great pride in".

Accomplishments:  "I feel as if I'm doing much better than others my age financially.  My desire to hold on to my independence motivates me to continue succeeding in what I do".

Dreams:  "Because I cherish independence and freedom so much I long to be able to have the ability to come and go as I please at a whims notice.  To have complete financial freedom and retire early in life is another incentive I hold dear as a dream to fulfill.  

Jonathan, it's obvious you work very hard but why do you? :  "Honestly, what I do as a client advisor does not feel like work to me.  To talk to people is what I do all the time.  To be able to hear their personal stories and dreams and then give them what they want is not work; it's servitude".

What's authentic about you? "I'm very direct.  I shoot from the hip and some people would say I'm blunt. I rather be a person who adheres to transparency then to be considered hypocritical.  I get along with many different types of personalities and that may very well be the reason why.  I believe most people want the truth told them rather than a fictitious storyline that not even they would believe".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I don't like BMW of Sarasota, I love this place.  I'm here Monday through Sunday without regrets.  I rather be here than at home because this feels like home.  It's not a stressful dealership.  I know many who wake up dreading to come to work and that's not the case for me.  Every day that I wake up I am grateful to know that the place I'm heading to awaits me as well".   

Languages:  Italian, Spanish, English

Daniel Mangiafico is originally from Connecticut.  His family is of Italian descent.  He moved to Sarasota in 2005.  He received his high school diploma from Venice High School.

Daniel attended culinary school and became a chef owning his own restaurant in Venice before pursuing his career in the automotive industry.  

Most prized possession:  "I feel the most prized possession I own is the decision I made to leave the restaurant business and pursue this career.  I feel that commitments are a prized possession.  As much as I love the culinary arts and cooking, I hated the fact I had to be locked up in the back of the restaurant not being able to interact much with people".  

Accomplishments:  "The success I've attained as a client advisor brings great joy to my heart.  We can have many passions. I have cooking and sales to name a few, but being completely happy in what you do is the greatest of accomplishments a person can have.  I still cook and often I might add! But my place right now in life is to serve those that need guidance towards the purchase of their dream vehicle.  That's accomplishment defined in my book". 

Dreams:  "I long to have a family of my own someday, own a beautiful home and even acquire ownership of multiple properties".  

Daniel, why do you work so hard? : "I work hard because life prizes you when you do.  Working hard builds character.  Once you begin building your character people trust you more and when both are in unison success follows". 

What's authentic about you? :  "I'm open-hearted.  I believe in complete transparency.  I'm very outgoing and truly enjoy being surrounded by those I care about.  I define myself as a true people person".   

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I love the customers I serve!  They are so wise, successful, and relaxed.  They know what they want as soon as they come in through the door.  It's refreshing to know I can make their dreams become a reality and I am honored they choose me as their point of contact".

Languages:  English

Edward Cintron is from Columbus, Ohio.  His family background depicts the true American dream experienced by immigrants who left family and countries behind in order to provide for a better future for their family.  Edward's mom is from Italy and father from Spain.  His father worked for the United Nations Peace Keeping Troops and decided to migrate to Columbus, Ohio before Edward was born.  He went to school in Columbus and ended up receiving a degree as a business major from Ohio State University.  
Edward moved to Sarasota in 2000.  Before pursuing his interest in the automotive industry he worked in Finance for 14 years. Right after graduating from college without having subtenant experience in the area of Finance he was offered a position as a finance manager for a car dealership.  That position enabled him to dive right in to what would then become the start of a lifetime commitment and a very lucrative lifestyle.  His experience and years in the industry is the cornerstone that defines his eminent role as a client advisor.  He's been in sales for 37 years and with BMW of Sarasota for 19 of those years.

Most prized possession:  "My family.  Always has been and always will be".

Accomplishments:  "Leaving Columbus Ohio and taking the initiative to move to Siesta Key was the first stepping stone towards accomplishment I can think of.  I fell in love with this place.  I mean, who wouldn't?  Visiting here many times before deciding to move here allowed me to really experience all the beauty this place has to offer.  It didn't take long before I made the decision to purchase a condo then later a home.  Not forgetting either that in Siesta Key I met my wife.  It's definitely home to me".

Dreams:  "My dream is to retire in a few years, maybe in 5 to 6 years from now.  I want to enjoy the rest of my life traveling, getting back into photography, and when I say traveling, I mean traveling right here in the beautiful U.S. of A.".

Edward, you have an amazing story filled with an incredible work ethic but why do you work so hard? 
"I'm a perfectionist.  I not only sell cars but I also take care of the customer after the sale.  I work hard not just for me but for them.  That's what true hardworking people do".

What's authentic about you?  "As I shared with you I am truly a perfectionist.  Everything I do I give it my all.  It's what I believe people want and it's what they deserve.  I have a multitude of clients that depend on me and I won't let them down.  Authenticity is a choice".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Everything.  I wouldn't have been here for all this time if I didn't admire this place for what it stands for.  The leadership, the class that exists, the loyalty, I can go on and on.  It's family here.  Everyone cares and that makes this place as special as it is".

Phone: (941) 504-3102
Languages:  English

Jack Hojnacki is originally from Buffalo, New York and is third generation Polish.  He moved to Sarasota in 1973 and has been with the BMW family for 39 years.  

Jack attended the University of Buffalo and majored in English.  Most, if not all of his professional life, has been servicing the automotive industry.

Most prized possession:  "I think my most prized possession is my ability to stay focused on tasks.  Staying on course allows me to serve my clientele with the most attainable product knowledge that they deserve".

Accomplishments:  "I'm honored to have participated in many worldwide travel trips that were bestowed to me because of my work performance.  These trips are given by BMW and considered to be the highest level of awards given to a selective group of individuals.  Aside from all of the awards I've received throughout the years, I would say succeeding as a father who was able to raise his family is a true accomplishment in my life".

Dreams:  "What dreams do I have?  I desire more than anything to keep doing what I love.  I am a facilitator.  A giver.  A matchmaker between the brand and the clients.  I love developing relationships with everyone I meet.  I have children and grandchildren and desire to continue to embrace their lives as well with love and commitment".

Jack, why do you work so hard? : "I love working.  I love my clients.  I have loved getting to know them throughout the years.  Every day I learn something new from someone.  I love helping my colleagues achieve success.  I love art and have been an art collector for many years.  All of these things require time and resources.  I work hard to achieve all that I have".

What's authentic about you? :  "As I shared earlier, I am focused and very detail oriented and I think people appreciate that.  My knowledge about the brand is a strong asset that I think makes me stand out to my clientele".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Everything that is inside these walls move me to become a better person each and every day.  The ability to serve brings me an enormous amount of joy and the way in which they serve us here as a whole makes everything worthwhile.  It's family here and I'm honored to be a part of it". 


Languages:  English

Kevin Higgins is from the Bronx New York.  His family background is Jamaican.  Growing up in New York he attended Cardinal Spellman and John Jay College.  
Unlike many, Kevin knew at an early age that his passion was to pursue a career in the automotive industry.  At 19 years old he began working in the many arenas by which the field provided him with.  In 2014, he decided to move to the Sarasota area and begin a new life, in a new state, with a new mindset.  All of that was incorporated into an inner desire to attain a position as a client advisor.  He has been working for BMW for 3 years now and just recently became a part of the BMW of Sarasota family.

Most prized possession:  "Cars, my family, and my son who is now 2 years old".

Accomplishments:  "Biggest accomplishment for me is to be able to say I have my own family now with my son added to the gift two years ago.  I can go into my fame closet and find many trophies that I received throughout my years as an athlete and I guess those are accomplishments too! Also, having a BMW 7 series car depicts accomplishment in my life.  I love that car and I love the fact I worked hard to get it".

Dreams:  "I have many dreams.  Obtaining a leadership role someday is definitely one of them.  Owning my own home is also another one".

Why do you work so hard, Kevin?  "It's just integrated in me to work hard.  I look at my son every day and want the best for him.  I'm a firm believer that no one is going to save you.  I believe God helps those who help themselves.  Effort is essential.  Plus, I want to be a role model for my son so that he knows I provided for him.  I wasn't able to experience that in my own life.  For him, I want to make sure he knows I'm here for him".

What's authentic about you?  "There's nothing I won't start that I don't finish.  Nothing.  Completion is a must for me.  I am the type of person that can look at things in six different ways before I come up with a conclusion.  I'm also a very calm and calculated person even in stressful situations".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota?  "I haven't been here long but from I was able to capture from the moment I came in is the diversity that's here.  I love that.  There's also no judgement here.  It's a family environment and that's not seen everywhere.  I'm so happy I'm here to serve".

Languages:  Spanish, English

Lisa Valle was born in Puerto Rico.  Her family moved to Bradenton when she was around 6 years old.
She received a High School Diploma from Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida.

Lisa's professional career began as an administrative assistant.  Soon after, she became a receptionist for BMW, later getting promoted to product genius, which in turn eventually landed her position as a client advisor. Now, she has a key role as a BDC (business development center) sales agent whereby her position allows her to be a liason between client advisors and client scheduling.  She is responsible for setting the foundation for possible client negotiations and adhering to serving in all areas of client compliance.

Most prized possession:  "Is knowing my worth now more than ever in my life".  

Accomplishments:  "When I look back at my life and remember how shy I was as a child, how I struggled with stuttering, not to mention the nerve wrecking feelings I would have around people in general and who I am now is definitely one of my prized accomplishments.  I remember vividly the day my life changed with all of this.  Mr. Young decided to put me through a toast master program.  I struggled with him in making me attend these workshops but because I saw how much he believed in me which was far more than I believed in myself I made a commitment to attend as many as possible.  Today, because of Mr. Young, I am able to live a more confident life whereby speaking to people is no longer a frightful experience but rather an exuberant fortitude that I know is evident to all who speak to me".

Dreams:  "I dream of one day acquiring a leadership role whereby my level of responsibility will be greater than what I currently have.  To also have a lucrative lifestyle is also in the works"!

Lisa, why do you work so hard:  "I love what I do.  I have goals I want to accomplish.  What Mr. Young has done for me and I know not just for me but for so many in this dealership is a huge gift.  It's worth working hard when you have people who believe in you the way they do".

What's authentic about you:  "I'm very transparent.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I definitely won't deny my spicy attitude for life as well! I'm a vulnerable person and I know many don't see me that way".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Everything here but most importantly the leadership that exists.  Without them I don't think I would have made it to where I am".


Languages:  English

Nathanial Tose is originally from Charleston, West Virginia.  At the age of 14 his family relocated to Sarasota.  He graduated from Booker High School and received his A.A. from A&M in Business Administration. 
Nathanial has spent most if not all of his career life in the automotive industry where he began his dedication towards the field seven years ago.  He is a newlywed to the BMW of Sarasota family starting in January of 2023.  His expertise in the past few years has grown exponentially in many areas.  With almost a decade of experience under his wings he is an intricate part of the client advisor's sales team.

Most prized possession:  "I have a necklace that was given by my grandma that I cherish deeply.  I wear it all the time.  It's one of my most prized possessions".

Accomplishments:  "I love the ability I have to help my family financially.  Money can definitely help ease stress and the pressures of life.  I know it's not everything but it does help when a crisis may arise and they know they can count on me for support.  Being able to help out with community needs through finances is also something I am proud to be a part of.  It's all about giving back and through the means of financial resources certain situations can diffuse or even dissipate by the helping hand that is given".

Dreams:  "My dream is to buy my mom and sister a new home.  I would also love to one day become a business owner".

Nate, as everyone calls you, why do you work so hard?  : "One of the things I take pride in is self-sufficiency.  I work hard to be able to sustain myself financially and not depend on anyone with any financial burdens.  I see it as working hard now will enable me to have more free time in the future so when I have my own family I'll have time for them and be able to provide for them.  It's living the American dream".

What's authentic about you? : "I'm an honest person.  I can say that with total sincerity.  I am genuine in the fact that I take care of others needs and feelings before my own.  I think that's an important quality to have and I choose to be that person to those whom I love".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "The people overall are very nice including the customers!  The experiences I've had working here has been dynamic compared to any others I've had in the past.  It's truly an honor to be here every day".

Phone: 850-321-3433
Languages:  English

NayColle Wright is originally from Manhattan, New York.  At the age of 12 she moved with her family to Sarasota where she attended and graduated from Sarasota High School.  After graduating from high school she attended Florida A&M in Tallahassee.  Her family background comes from the island of Bermuda.  Her strong work ethics derive from her parents.  She also has a dear love for her twin sister. 
NayColle's professional background is grounded in the automotive industry.  Her dedication has a proven track record sustaining 16 years as a whole.  She's been working for BMW of Sarasota for the past 11 years and has loved every minute of it.  Her knowledge and expertise after working in the industry for over a decade has allowed her to build a solid foundation between the brand she represents and the clientele she serves.
Most prized possession:  "Without a doubt is my family".
Accomplishments:  "Once a graduated from college and earned a degree in respiratory therapy I began working in the automotive industry and have never looked back.  I feel as my own personal empire was built from the ground up.  Because of my hard work and the dedication I give to my clients I have ongoing repetitive customers that always come back to me for all of their purchasing and servicing needs.  I've owned my own business so I know the hard work that pays off when it's constructed the correct way.  My clientele base is proof that the structure that was put in place is undeniably sustainable for years to come.  I take ownership of that and I am proud of what has been accomplished thus far".
Dreams:  "I love ceramics.  Not sure if many know that.   My mom used to have a ceramics business and I would love to create that dream for her again.  It would be my dream as well.  In time, I think it'll come true".
NayColle, why do you work so hard? : "It's fun!  I love seeing my customers happy when I am able to facilitate their dreams becoming a reality. That means so much to me.  The best part of the whole experience is the smile that I get to see in the faces of those who trusted in me to provide what they eagerly desire to have.  That's priceless to me".
What's authentic about you?  "Being a woman who works in the automotive sales industry is authentic in and of itself.  As a woman I can identify with detail and precision, personality differences, colors, and emotion.  My product knowledge helps me to stand out as well.  People respect those who have sustainable knowledge in what they do.  I can ascertain that those qualities I possess".  
What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "My clientele is exceptional. I love working with them and they trust me over and over again with their new and existing purchases.  Without clients we wouldn't be here.  I wouldn't be here.  They are very dear to me and I am honored to serve them each and every day".
Languages: English

Nehemiah Cazaubon is originally from Delaware.  In 2014 he moved to Florida with excitement knowing another phase was beginning for him.  His family is originally from St. Lucia.  He is proud to share his background as being one that was very loving and woven with compassion and support.  
Before starting his career with BMW of Sarasota, Nehemiah was a full-time student at FAMU where he received his degree in biology.  After graduating he worked for different hospitality arenas until 2019 when he decided to establish a career in the automotive industry and began working for BMW of Sarasota.  His odyssey launched first as a valet serviceman, then was promoted to the product genius program, and shortly after became one of their elite's as a client advisor.

Most prized possession:  "I would have to say the jewelry I wear which are my necklace and bracelet.  They are from my grandparents and they're very special to me".

Accomplishments:  "I know one of the accomplishments I am very proud of is when I completed my product genius program as a specialist.  My dad was in the automotive industry as well and he was the one who persuaded me to become a part of it.  As I look back now agreeing to his mentorship and pursuing this career I can honestly say it was all well worth it.  Now I am well equipped with the knowledge I need in order to succeed".

Dreams:  "My ultimate dream is to progress in my career.  I'm a giver so I would love to give back in some way and help others accelerate their potentials as well.   I'd love to start a charity someday in the Caribbean or Europe geared towards teen mentoring.  Traveling the world is also on my bucket list".

Nehemiah, what motivates you to work so hard?  "Knowing the hardships that my parents underwent for me to have what I have today pushes me to keep going and focusing on the end result.  They deserve to see the outcome that paid off because of their sacrifice.  I can't and won't let them down".

What's authentic about you?  "I consider myself an encourager.  I am a man who is very positive about life and loves to bring life to those who feel dismayed by their circumstances.  I feel great when people come to me needing advice or guidance.  It makes me so happy when I can make a difference in a person's life".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "Everything.  I mean that wholeheartedly.  My clients are wonderful people who trust my advice and I am so grateful for that.  Also, the leadership is the best I've ever experienced.  It's family for us here and I am honored to be a part of it".

Robert Carr (Bobby)
Languages:  English

Robert Carr, known to us as "Bobby", is originally from Brooklyn, New York.  Both of his parents are from Trinidad.  At a young age his family moved to south Florida where he attended North Port High School.  He then went off to receive a Communications degree from the University of South Florida.  
Bobby served in the fast food industries as well as became a dietary aide for a hospital, a sort of oxymoron experience in his life before he began his quest in the automotive industry. He came to BMW of Sarasota in 2014 where he started as a valet serviceman.  His roles in the industry have been as a service advisor, rental car associate, and then for the past 10 years as a client advisor in sales.  Here at BMW of Sarasota he has been a vital entity to their sales force for the past 5 years.

Most prized possession:  "I believe I am the number one salesperson in the automotive industry.  I have worked very hard to earn that title.  But titles are not as important unless knowledge is passed to others who desire to be at the top as well.  I love setting a high standard for myself because that enables me to know how to instruct others to reach for the same".

Dreams:  "I don't envision them anymore.  I believe dreams are for those who wish for things.  I take action towards my dreams and I do that by working hard and acquiring everything that I want".

Bobby, obviously working hard is a must for you.  But, why? :  "People call it work, I don't.  It's what I love to do.  I have the opportunity to give people what they want, get the service they need, and I do that every day, all day long.  Purchasing a BMW is a gift in my eyes, not a necessity.  If you give people a gift they will forever be grateful.  It's really that simple".

What's authentic about you? :  "I'm an open book.  I'm light hearted because being so serious all the time is not enjoyable.  I love life.  Love people.  And most importantly, I love seeing people getting along.  I love being able to bring a smile to someone's day and that's exactly what I do here at BMW of Sarasota". 

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "It' truly a family here.  I'm here 7 days a week longer than I spend at my actual home.  I consider this my home.  When you feel like you're home at the place you work at there's never a day you regret being there".

Languages:  Spanish, English

Valentina Lizardi was born in Valencia, Venezuela.  After losing her father when she was a child and the sudden governmental changes that occurred in her country without expectation her mom was left with making the decision to migrate to the U.S. and move to Naples, Florida, when Valentina was 9 years old.   Her family then moved to Sarasota and she graduated from Sarasota High School. 
Valentina began her professional life as an office administrator where she was mostly unhappy and longing every day for another opportunity to arise.  One day she attended a career fair and there is where she was first introduced to the BMW family.  Without any hesitation she took the plunge and has been an intricate part of the automotive industry for the past 7 years.

Most prized possession:  "Definitely, my family" she states.  My father was the strong thread that held us together.  Losing him was devastating to my mom and me.  He did everything for us and not having him anymore put a deep strain in my mom's heart as well as in me.  Losing my father and my country are scars that are hard to mend.  Now, I am a proud mother of a 5 year old beautiful little girl.  What other possessions can anyone attain other than the love of one's family?  Family means everything to me".  

Accomplishments:  "I feel I'm a late bloomer but I think it's a beautiful thing because once I earn something it inspires me to do more, strive for greater excellence, and become a better woman overall".

Dreams:  "I believe I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I love building businesses from the ground up.  My number one priority is to retire my mom and to give my daughter the most I can possibly give her.  Complete provision for these two are the most important dreams I have". 

Valentina, why do you work so hard? :  "I work hard because I desire to achieve financial freedom someday.  Having the burden of finances resolved will give me the opportunity to spend more time with the little princess in my life who needs me.  I also work hard to enjoy life more.  I love to go dancing, attend social gatherings and networks, and travel when I can.  I'm a big foodie so eating out is expensive!  I have to work hard to receive all of these things".

What's authentic about you? :  "I'm a giver.  I love giving.  It brings such joy to my life when I see people happy.  It's truly the force that motivates me to get up each and every day.  Knowing I can make a difference in someone's life by simply being there for them is what defines who I am".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I love my clients.  All of them.  The old ones and the new ones.  I love the brand, the industry, and the people here who believe in me.  I also believe in them!  Continuingly to work together, I am confident we will build even stronger legacies than the ones that are currently in place".  

Telephone: (941) 923-2700   ext. 239
Languages:  Spanish, English

Maria Lizardi was born and raised in Venezuela.  Her family migrated to the United States when she was 10 years old.  She pursued her middle school and high school educational years in the Sarasota surrounding areas and graduated from Sarasota High School receiving her high school diploma.  She continued to further her education shortly after and got her A.A. in Education.  After graduating from college she found two opportunities that gave her an enormous foot start in her professional career which were in the food and automotive industry.  Together as one Maria worked hard until deciding that where she belonged was in the car business.  She's been a family member of BMW of Sarasota for 13 years and for the past 8 years has been happily integrated as a service advisor.

Most prized possession:  "Both my family and my workplace are the two most essential gifts I treasure deeply".

Accomplishments:  "Being a young lady who was able to purchase her first home seven years ago was a huge accomplishment in my life.  I treasure every day as if it's an opportunity for me to be the best I can be to those I serve daily; my customers.  I've had great reviews pertaining to the NPS surveys that are given. That encourages me to continue the excellent expectancy that is required of me".

Dreams:  "My dream is for my 3-year-old son to be taken care of.  I want him to be proud of a mom who has worked hard to provide everything that he has.  My goal is to raise him with high ethical beliefs and standards never forgetting where his family came from and how hard they worked to get to where they are". 

Maria, why do you work so hard? "I always want to make sure my customers are happy and satisfied with the work I put in to help them meet their needs.  I work on my off-days because I value them so much and want to make sure nothing is left behind for them to have to pick up the slack on.  I truly don't think it's hard work to ensure customer satisfaction.  That should be the norm for all who choose to serve in this industry".

What is authentic about you? : "I am empathetic.  I understand to prioritize what's important on my daily to-do list because I too am a customer as well to other entities.  I smile a lot even in the toughest times and under extreme pressure and I think most people find that hard to do.  I think my smile is contagious. When we smile when others are frowning something magical happens.  Most of the time they return the favor and smile right back!".
What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota? : "In this place we are all family members who like all families may argue and then make up.  The leadership and mentorship is exceptional to anything I've ever experienced.  During my maternity leave they gave me the time I needed and worked with me in assigning a schedule that would accommodate my family time with my work hours.  That's priceless and rarely found in any industry and I am forever grateful".

Phone: (941) 923-2700  Ext. 253
Languages:  English

Vincent Tremaroli was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Once graduating from his studies he decided to move to Arizona.  In 2014, he received his automotive master's certificate as a certified tech for BMW.  He later decided to relocate to Ft. Lauderdale Florida pursuing his career with BMW working there for 5 years before moving to Sarasota in 2019.  

Most prized possession:  "My family and the career I've chosen are definitely at the top of that list".

Accomplishments:  "Getting married and buying my first home was a huge accomplishment.  Getting my masters certification and my ASE certification were also very compelling for me to attain".

Dreams:  "My dream would be to secure financial security for my family and I.  My wife as a realtor and myself working as hard as I do in this industry I believe we can one day reach financial freedom.  She actually did the math and came up with the number 30 as the pinnacle to reach.  Owning thirty homes one day would place us where we desire to be economically".

Why do you work so hard? : "I work hard because I love what I do.  I've been doing this line of work for over a decade now so I think that's proof I am where I need to be.  I love my customers too.  They are the force that encourages me to keep going".

What is authentic about you? : "I believe my personality is genuine.  I'm a very caring person and wouldn't have stayed in this profession if I didn't have a sense of compassion for humanity".
What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota:  "The people I work with, of course! BMW in general is an amazing brand.  It's truly my favorite of cars.  The culture here is irreplaceable.  This is truly an exceptional place to work at.  The people who work here is what make this place stand out the way it does.  It's a remarkable place filled with extraordinary people".

Phone: (941) 350-8155
Languages:  Spanish, English

Derek Thomas was born and raised in Connecticut.  He received his high school diploma from Holy Cross 
High School and later continued his studies receiving his A.S. in criminal justice.
Derek has found great passion serving in the automotive industry for the past 23 years.  He vividly remembers his first job at Firestone whereby he was cordially introduced to what would later become his legacy in the auto sector of his career life.  After being employed at Firestone he worked in various dealerships before starting at BMW of Sarasota in the later part of 2021.

My prized possession:  "My home and my wonderful wife".

Accomplishments:  "I feel a great sense of pride that I have lasted this long in the car industry.  Most people quit from burnout but I feel that the hard work pays off not just from a financial standpoint but from a humanitarian one.  I have built a solid foundation pertaining to my customer base and that is fabricated through hard work and trust.  When people trust you they desire to work with you".

Dreams:  "One of my dreams is to be able to one day have the financial security I need  and along with that security be placed in a leadership role where I can pass the knowledge on to the next of kin who desire to excel in this industry".

Why do you work so hard Derek? : "I believe the harder I work the greater the reward I will receive.  We truly reap what we sow.  If anyone comes by the dealership they will always see me running around but it's what I love doing.  Making things happen for my customers, meeting their needs, meets my own expectation of why I choose to be here".

What is authentic about you? : "I think my smile is pretty genuine. Having an understanding spirit about me towards people and showing empathy when the time calls for it I think is an authentic gift to have.  Having an easy going personality as well I think helps in securing those long-lasting relationships you definitely want to have in this profession".

What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota:  "It's the company that gave me a huge opportunity to become the person I am today.  They gave me all the tools that I needed to be successful and I am forever grateful.  They have always been there for me even in the times where I didn't even realize they were making a difference in my life.  That's hard to find in any organization.  BMW of Sarasota is the place where personal family and business continuity intercept as one".
Phone: (941) 923-2700 Ext. 289
Languages:  Spanish, English

Carlos Munoz was born in Ecuador.  At age 7 his family moved to the United States.  Carlos went to Danbury High School in Connecticut where he received his high school diploma.  
Carlos has been in the automotive industry for 32 years.  His passion ignited for the field when he accepted his first job after high school working at a tune-up repair shop.  He moved to Sarasota in 2013 and shortly after began working as a service provider for BMW of Sarasota.

Most prized possession:  "My family and my customers mean everything to me.  Without my customers, I am nothing in this industry".

Accomplishments:  "I would have to say my long-lasting career in the automotive industry is an evident proved track record that I take great pride in.  Knowing how I started and to see how far I've come as a hard-working man is a sure sign that dedication and diligence pays off".

Dreams:  "I would love to one day be able to retire and reside in my favorite place which is somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico where I can see myself having a boat and doing all the fishing I want without any serious cares or responsibilities".

Carlos, we know your position is a very hectic one but why do you work so hard? : "I work hard in order to support my family and kids.  It's in my DNA bloodline to work hard.  It's embedded in me to go above and beyond in anything I do.  It's a huge passion of mine to over accomplish tasks and it's actually quite enjoyable too".

What is authentic about you? :  "I believe I am one of a kind because I am very detail oriented and use intricate precision in order to serve all of my customer's needs.  I do whatever it takes for me to know a customer was satisfied with my work.  It brings me an enormous sense of purpose and fulfillment".  

What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota? : "I can honestly say that my colleagues and I treat each other as family here.  Also, the response from my customers is exhilarating!  When a great report is made about my service it brings me such great joy.  It's in those surveys and feedback that reminds me each day why I matter here".

Languages:  English

Rafael Glover was born in Pensacola, Florida. In his early childhood he was raised in El Paso, Texas and then was relocated back with his family to his hometown Pensacola where he graduated from Pensacola High School.  Rafael began his long stretched road in the automotive industry 20 years ago where he started as a technician and then got promoted to service advisor.  He has been with BMW for 11 years and came to BMW of Sarasota in April of 2022.

My most prized possessions:  "Definitely my kids are my pride and joy.  I love them with all my heart".

Accomplishments:  "Undoubtedly my greatest accomplishment has been and currently still is my internal fight to beat cancer.  I won't give up.  I have my family to live for and whatever it takes for me to stay strong and conquer this stage of my life I am wholeheartedly doing".

Dreams:  "I dream to one day own my own service department.  I enjoy what I do and servicing those who need help is part of my being.  I know what it's like to need help and this position is no different than the hardships we sometimes have to endure in our lifetime.  I hope to one day be able to create that inheritance not just for myself but to pass on to my kids".

Rafael, why do you work so hard? : "I work hard because I believe doing so is part of what team work really means.  By me doing my part it helps the rest of my colleagues rest assure that my heavy load is not placed on them.  It's what a strong group of people should do for each other and here at BMW of Sarasota service department we have built that solid foundation and I'm honored to be a part of it".

What is authentic about you? : "I would say it would definitely have to be my heart.  I care about people a great deal and assuring their needs are met when they are with me is essential.  You have to have compassion in this business because people are relying on you to make a difference in a situation that they have been placed in.  What better way to show them the gratitude they deserve by placing their needs in high priority".

What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota? :  "It's what everyone must say it is!  It's family here.  My health took a toll on me and everyone has been there to support me through this trial in my life.  How could I ever forget that?  Many a times we don't know what we may have to face at any given moment in our lives but to have the assurance that your work family is there to support you through the whole process is a gift I will forever treasure in my heart". 

Languages:  English, Spanish

Luz Aguilar or also known to us as "Lucy" was born in Mexico and raised in Texas.  She received her High School Diploma from Brownsville Texas.  After completing High School she moved to Florida and received her A.A in Accounting from Manatee Community College.
Lucy started in the automotive industry right out of H.S. and worked as a file clerk and service warranty administrator.  This in turn lead her to the position of service advisor for BMW of Sarasota whereby she has been a proud advocate of for the past 3 years.

What are some of your accomplishments that you hold dear to you? "I would have to say my college degree and the fact that I am debt free.  Those things bring peaceful solace to my spirit". 

Lucy, why do you work so hard?  "As I look back I realize that I came to this country to be able to work hard and to make something out of myself.  I've been blessed to now be debt free and own my own home.  That's the greatest reward one can give to self".

What is authentic about you? "I would have to say it's my smile.  I'm truly a happy person.  I'm empathetic to all whom I meet and serve on a daily basis.  For me to complete daily tasks is key and I take pride in that".

What do you like most about BMW of Sarasota?  "The team here is amazing.  I absolutely love working here.  The customers are great.  The management is great.  I am so honored to be a part of all of this here at BMW of Sarasota".

Languages:  English

Susan Tighe was born and raised in Michigan.  
She's been an advocate for the automotive industry for the past 30 years.  Her expertise in the different arenas she's been honored to partake in has brought an enormous amount of knowledge and expert guidance to those whom she serves as clients on a daily basis.
Susan's primal focus is making sure her clients are satisfied with her assistance.  She loves people and strives to make sure they are well taken care of throughout the entire purchasing process.

What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota:  "I love the fact that everyone here are team players and the management team I work for are exceptional".

Email Address:
Languages:  English

Greg Jones was born and raised in Sarasota County.  He went to Sarasota High School and later graduated from Manatee Community College with a Criminal Justice Degree.  
Greg aspired to continue his career in law enforcement upon graduating from MCC but after completing the police academy in 2007 when the economy took a downward spiral this did not allow him to acquire employment with any neighboring agencies.  When this impact took place he was told by a friend that BMW of Sarasota was hiring a dispatcher.  He immediately took hold of the opportunity and he has been a loyal advocate for them for the past 16 years.
His accomplishments tie into his dreams while recognizing that moving up the corporate ladder in this industry has been what he has always desired.  "I am content where I am" he states with a smile on his face.  "One day I'd also love to partner with my wife and work on our family business".

Greg, why do you work so hard?  "I'm the kind of individual that refuses to accept the cost of losing.  I adhere to living a life whereby strong ethical and moral standards are in place.  Losing to me is unacceptable".

What is authentic about you?  "I believe I am a very generous person and have a caring heart.  My empathetic spirit is evident to those who meet me".

What do you love most about BMW of Sarasota?  "The management team here is exceptional.  I truly love everyone I work with.  In an industry such as this whereby it's mostly transient by nature this place is different.  Everyone here makes anyone feel at home.  We have the strongest team any company would want to have".